Cenaduria Las Brisas

First of all, a “Cenaduria” it’s a place specialized in serving dinner. Normally it’s open from 7-8 pm to 1-2 am.

This cenaduria it’s special cause’ it has a lot of history, yes, more than 40 years working almost everyday!

I tried the red pozole and this “tostada de pata”, that it’s made out of the pork leg that has been in vinegar for hours.


Cake test

Some of this fabulous cakes were made by my classmates.

The bakery chef said that we need to make a fake cake, cause we need to learn how to decorate cakes. So those are the best ones!


Pinche Gringo BBQ Warehouse

In Mexico City, there’s a place called “Pinche Gringo BBQ” near to Parques Polanco mall.

This is a really cool place, ‘cause when you get im, you really feel in an texas restaurant

There, I asked the waiter what was the best option to have a good meal in there, and he offered me a lot of meat like some brisket, bbq ribs, and some potato salad, mac and cheese, and for desert, I bought a donught

I visited Jose Ramon’s chocolate factory! 🤤

This gastronomic adventure in Mexico City continues again in Polanco, near to President Masaryk av. there’s a store called “Que Bo!”, a famous chocolate factory from a known chef called José Ramón.

They have some special flavors, just like “death bread”, “mango’s boing”, mezcal, worm salt, etc.

They’re a little expensive, but I think it’s worth it! You should try them!

I visited one of the best restaurants all over the world 😍

This summer, I went to Mexico City to visit my family, but I was walking down in Polanco and I found one of the best restaurants all over the world!

I went to PUJOL, the #13 of the Best 50 in the world.

Made by Enrique Olvera, this is one of the most amazing restaurants I’ve ever been. It’s truly expensive, but I really think it’s worth it!

Here you can see a “pastor” style duck taco!

And some squash slices with a diferent way of serving “pico de gallo”

This is an octopus tentacle with a cool mix of his own ink and habanero!

You need to have a reservation with a looooot of time, but, if you’re willing to give it a try, and spend some money, it’s a cool way to have this unique and tasty adventure!